Two Sisters <3 One Mister

rumors pic 1THE SISTERS

“A tale of two sisters…the drama…the madness!”

Fashion Spread by Absinthe (Sinontherocks)

MODELS: Absinthe, Jax Aster & Kerasia Hexicola

This is a cautionary tale of two rivalrous sisters.  We ALL know these famous models, Absinthe and Kera, but what we don’t know is their tragic tale of jealousy and betrayal.

There’s nothing quite like that special bond between sisters…and yet, when it comes to men, the rivalries can be fierce.  Absinthe was the oldest of the two sisters…bold, blond and beautiful…she excelled at everything she tried and she always won; her hubris knew no bounds.  Her top prize was her impeccable marriage to the ruggedly handsome, wealthy playboy Jax.  In her world, everything was perfection.

rumors pic 2

They travelled to exotic locations, met all the right people and were madly in love; or so she thought.

rumors pic 3

What Absinthe didn’t know was her ideal husband was cheating on her, in the worst possible way, with her younger sister Kera.  Kera was the rebel, the untethered spirit…scorned by her haughty sister, she offered Jax everything Absinthe could not.  She made him feel like he could set the world on fire with their love.  They were untouched by the pressures of his wealthy family and their careers; just two carefree souls.

rumors pic 4

Then one day, Kera told Jax news that changed everything…she was pregnant.

rumors pic 5

It was the one thing Absinthe could not achieve! Jax went home and told her he was leaving her for her sister and they were having a baby.  Absinthe erupted with fury.  When the unwitting Kera arrived, to take her sister out to dinner, Absinthe chased her from the house; beating her with her new Lagyo clutch!

Absinthe’s life lies in tatters.  Will she ever trust again?  Will she ever speak with her sister again?  Can that expensive clutch be fixed?  Somehow we think she’ll be ok…after all, she has Chanel on speed dial.

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