Menace to Society

Rumors Magazine-1


“Bad Boy Pop Star in trouble with the law…AGAIN.”



It’s no secret Darkyn dover is a meteoric talent who pumps out chart topping tunes at a breathtaking pace.  It’s also no secret that he indulges himself fully in new-found fame and fortune.  Fast vehicles, hot girls, booze and brawling are becoming hallmarks for his behavior.


Darkyn’s passion for speed, and irreverence for the law, has landed him in trouble with the police on numerous occasions.  It’s been rumored that he likes to follow in the fashion of his idol, James Dean, and drive his car at high speeds on the dangerously curved roads in the foothills.  Let’s hope he isn’t headed for the same fate as JD.


When he’s not driving dangerously,our paparazzi can catch Darkyn at some club trolling for girls, and other things, on Hollywood Boulevard.  He may be barely over 21 but he’s been doing this since fame hit at 17.  Watch out Darkyn, your Lindsey Lohan lifestyle will eventually come to a crashing halt; if you survive your reckless driving that is.


This bad boy pop star drops money left and right on yachts, women and exotic vacations.  He knows a camera is always pointed in his direction and he flaunts his lifestyle…taunting us with his fame and fortune.  Watch out for that shark Darkyn…he doesn’t care how famous you are.


Darkyn was recently jailed for drunk driving.  This is not the first time he’s seen the inside of a cell and we guess it won’t be his last.  Take it easy tiger, the authorities don’t like it when celebrities become repeat offenders and California has a three strikes law.  You just might end up on the bottom bunk in a gang leader’s cell…he won’t be asking for your autograph.

CHECK OUT His Style Card and the rest of the GOSSIPS:


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